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What does

Auto Dry Track do?

         The Auto Dry Track System is a patent pending system, comprised of directional nozzles mounted to the tower structure, directing the water away from the tower, leaving the tower structure and the area around the tower dry. The forward facing nozzles and the rearward facing nozzles are controlled by high quality solenoid valves, which in turn are activated by the forward and reverse circuits on each tower. This keeps you pivot moving ahead on dry ground, saving wear and tear on equipment.

procting your pivot.jpg
Without Auto Dry Track then water sprays on...
  • gearbox seals
  • drive seals
  • on tires (creating deep tracks)
With Auto Dry Track...
  • no water on drive motor or gearboxes 
  • tires travel on dry ground
  • 100% field still gets watered
Direction of travel.jpg
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